Klein, aber fein!

About us 

First let us tell you about the history of the building itself. This century-old structure was built in 1912. It was then expanded twice by its owner Herr Wichmann in 1981 and 1989. Herr Wichmann ran his paper company here and also lived in the house until 2015.

After taking over the house and completely renovating and expanding on it for over a year, Minsu Hotel successfully preserved its original style and charm while also combining modern minimalism with history.

Minsu Hotel combines Chinese and Western cultural characteristics. It is a comfortable home - the best choice for both business and private travelers. 


  • At MINSU Hotel we offer different grades of hardness with your box-spring beds to ensure a comfortable and quiet night for you. Of course we can help you with the selection of one. This way you can enjoy optimal sleep comfort in your bed. 
  • To guarantee the highest safety for your belongings we work with burglar resistant WK2 / RC2 windows and doors. 
  • One of the many advantages of a towel heater is your towels always being warm and drying faster than usual. It also heats up the entire bathroom so you can enjoy a relaxing shower with highest comfort. 
  • The unique structure of pleated blinds impresses, saves energy and muffles noise. The pleated fabric panels run within the honeycomb structure and reduce disturbing light to a minimum. They also hold back heat very well thanks to insulating air pockets.

Precise, direct mounting in the window increases the heating effect by reducing air exchange between the curtain and the glazing - thus protecting the climate and your privacy in style.